The elegant and romantic translucent fabric shows the feminine temperament, which is the key category in the future spring and summer. With the continuous integration of “fashion, technology and green”, the fabric presents a more diversified appearance and connotation. Silver, copper and other low sensitizing metal coatings can not only give the fabric excellent antibacterial performance, but also show the appearance of future scientism; pearlescent gradual dyeing makes leisure modeling fashionable and brings new sales life for the inventory fabrics; water soluble lace is spliced with yarn fabric and dense government silk to update traditional design; local printing, embroidery, jacquard, flower cutting, gold and silver decoration, etc The design of irregular folds improves the appearance of traditional Tulle; the combination of lace and tup film combines the function and fashion to make the outdoor modeling soft and beautiful; the partial transparent design is still important. In terms of raw materials, silk is suitable for creating high-end luxury products. High count organic cotton, flax and hemp are conducive to optimizing the original natural texture of fabrics. Recycled nylon, recycled polyester and recycled nylon are suitable for designing cost-effective products in line with the trend of environmental protection.
Exquisite pendant
The clean and dry draped fabrics cater to the “less and better” lifestyle in the post epidemic era, showing a more delicate trend. The key innovation directions are the reasonable ratio of luxury materials and recycled materials, color update of healing system, implicit texture design, elegant luster and internal function. High count wool, mulberry silk and high count cotton are the key raw materials. Tencel and acetate fiber can optimize the luster and increase the drape feeling of the fabric; the cured colors such as lime mint green, lake blue and light yellow green make the traditional clothing full of vitality; the exquisite jacquard texture, the implicit dark stripe pattern, the casual natural gray appearance, and the local heterogeneous wrinkle texture make the fabric performance Driven by scientific and technological innovation, the functional connotation of fabrics is enriched, such as four-sided elastic, machine washable, wrinkle resistant and non ironing resistant, waterproof and antifouling, temperature control and UV resistance. Simple and versatile, comfortable and practical are the basic design principles; from the inside to the outside, using the same or different weight fabrics with the same color and the same quality is the key modeling of this season.

Post time: May-26-2021