Kim Kardashian did not participate in any sports, but she will become a member of the US team at the Tokyo Olympics next month.
Kardashian announced that her clothing brand SKIMS has been selected as “the official underwear, pajamas and casual wear designed by the US team for athletes in Tokyo this year.”
SKIMS was launched in 2019 and focuses on underwear, shapewear, home wear, sports pants, leggings and shirts.
In a post on social media, Kardashian recalled the experience of participating in conferences and Olympic trials with Caitlin Jenner, and said it was an honor to have the opportunity to design clothes for them.
“When I received a call to invite Skims to be a member of @TeamUSA, every moment I admired the strength and energy of the Olympians on the sidelines, I went around in a circle,” she said on Instagram.
SKIMS and long-term partners Nike and Ralph Lauren of the United States team became the official clothing supplier for the Tokyo Olympics.

Post time: Jun-30-2021